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Teacher training courses contribute to professional development. Knight Education reading and writing courses are offered to those who intend to teach students of all ages. Courses are open to classroom teachers, tutors, administrators, social workers, psychologists, parents, and spouses. Knight Education offers two courses: Building the Foundation and Reading Comprehension/Essay Writing. Together they provide effective teaching methodologies to improve students’ abilities.
Building the Foundation
  This reading course presents the foundation skills of phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge, decoding, vocabulary, spelling, writing, and handwriting. The course covers assessment and instruction appropriate for a whole class, small group, or an individual. The Starting Over program is for students of all ages, whose decoding and vocabulary difficulties have blocked proficiency in comprehension.

Teachers learn how the tests specify strengths and weaknesses and how to use a multisensory structured language approach to deliver instruction. Each teacher learns the program by working with a single student of any age. At certain times all the students and teachers come together as a group and each participant teaches the whole group. This prepares the teacher for teaching a whole class. When the teachers return to their school assignments, a Knight Education teacher trainer can visit and guide them in the delivery of the material.
Reading Comprehension and Essay Writing

This course is designed to teach strategies for understanding what students have read and then how to write about it. It is intended for students of all ages.

The course begins with assessment and continues with instruction to find the main idea, analyze structure, recognize inferences, and recognize synonyms of literal vocabulary.

The essay portion of the class covers the structure of expository writing and the role of research in writing.


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Our Approach
1. Diagnostic and Instructional
2. Multisensory
3. Structured and Sequential
4. Scientific Research-Based