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Starting Over is a highly successful Orton-Gillingham based program. It is designed to improve the lives of children and adults by removing the anxiety caused by poor reading, spelling, vocabulary, and writing. Lives are enriched as students, their teachers, and their parents learn the skill and art of effortless language mastery. Starting Over is a program of diagnosis and instruction, and the title of its accompanying textbook. Ideally, children are immersed in daily 90-minute sessions and adults in three-hour sessions that cover all strands of the communication arts curriculum.

Starting Over has been taught to teachers in the Graduate Linguistics Department of Queens College, CUNY; to students and parents in public and private schools; to workers in union halls; and to substance abusers in rehabilitation.

Starting Over is taught to the whole class, small groups, or individuals.  It is for students of any age who may be reading on grade levels of 0 and higher, but whose decoding and spelling difficulties started early, are still a major problem, and are instrumental in blocking proficiency in reading comprehension and writing.

Starting Over offers certification in Multisensory Structured Language Education to teachers who qualify through training.

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