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Small group classroom teaching is quite effective when the method used addresses the student’s difficulty. Knight Education, Inc. instructs its teacher trainers how to conduct small group classes for dyslexic children and their parents. Knight Education also supervises classes for adult union members with dyslexia.
  Parent and Child Learn Together  
  Children with reading difficulties need extra help. When parent and child attend a small group Starting Over class, both learn the same program and are able to work together at home. If parents are to help, they need to learn not only what their children will learn, but also how they will learn.  Parents are the most economical resource for this assistance and they have the greatest flexibility to teach in odd hours - early in the morning before school or late at night before bedtime. With ongoing training, parents' frantic search to discover what is wrong and how it can be alleviated is transformed into positive working energy.  
  Adult Union Members Learn Together  
  The Education Fund of District Council 37, a union under the umbrella of the CIO-AFL, is one of the few labor unions in the country to allocate part of its dues to classes for union members with dyslexia. Knight Education, Inc. has supervised the testing of students and instruction of teachers since 1987. The classes are open to dues paying members of DC 37 at no extra cost.

Two weekly sessions of three hours each provide six hours of instruction for members who attend after a day’s work or before their night jobs begin. Students are enrolled as soon as they are diagnosed.  Classes run for a school year. After a summer break, students are encouraged to continue until they have attained their various goals: getting a high school diploma, going to college, passing an upgrading civil service test or one that will take them from provisional to permanent status, helping their children and grandchildren with reading homework, and simply reading for pleasure.  The methodology is multisensory, structured language (see Philosophy).