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The Starting Over textbook is a comprehensive Orton-Gillingham based language arts program of over 150 effective lessons. It is both a teacher’s manual and a student’s exercise workbook in a single book.
  Textbook Format  

Directions and explanations that the teacher reads aloud to the students are found on most left hand pages. Opposite, on right hand pages are the exercises for the student. The book presents diagnostic assessments and instructions for at-risk populations of children and adults with delays in reading, writing, and spelling. It provides students with effective hands-on lessons.

The diagnostic tests are located in the beginning of the textbook. They are considered the beginning of instruction because they show students specifically what has been blocking progress. They identify the nature of the problem, specify the course of instruction that will follow, and serve as pretests of baseline activity.

Instruction follows immediately after the pretests with Lesson 1. Subsequent teaching areas cover phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge, decoding, spelling, vocabulary, writing sentences, and handwriting. After a year of instruction, posttests are administered and progress is measured.

  Benefits For Teachers And Students  
The teacher is able to use the material with or without previous multisensory, structured language (MSL) training and learn the techniques while engaged in the teaching;
the student is able to reap the benefits of multisensory hands-on learning activities by working with over 150 lessons;
the teacher is able to develop lesson plans by following the lesson�s content and having the students demonstrate mastery of skills that were covered in the lesson;
the teacher is able to present a systematic and explicit sequence of instruction, and is encouraged to change the sequence according to the specific needs of the students.
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